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Unique Destination URL

Contentware offers the ability to add a separate clickable destination URL other than the URL to the information page. Use this option if you want the clickable links in emails and social media posts to be different than your landing page URL.

In many cases, your landing page URL (which contains the information about your campaign), is the same page that contains the sign up form.

However, there may be cases where the URL that contains the information you want Contentware's AI to use, is NOT the same as the URL  with the sign up form.  In this scenario use the Alternative Destination URL field.

  • Use the "Landing Page URL" field for the URL that contains the campaign information. Contentware's AI will navigate to this page and automatically extract relevant information.
  • Use the "Unique Destination URL" field for the URL that you want people to go to when they click links in either emails or social media posts.