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Can I change my default Layouts?

Contentware offer a number of different layouts for each content channel.  We have developed a series of templates based on best practices. The differences in layouts are subtle for consistency, but differ enough to give your audience diversity in your content. The system default is to randomly choose a layout for each promotion. However, you can set layout defaults for each channel separately.

Changing the default for a specific channel, means that EVERY promotion in that channel will be defaulted to the selected layout for ALL campaigns.  

You are still able to "Change Layout" for individual promotions during the review process.

To change the default layouts,

  • Click the "My Account" dropdown
  • Select the "Setting" option
  • Select the "Default Layouts" tab
  • Select the desired channel
  • Select the "Custom" option
  • Select the the default layout 
  • Then click the "Save" button 

Screen Shot 2022-02-24 at 3.45.24 PM