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Configure case sensitivity

During the campaign set up process, Contentware ask for a term in response to: How do you want to refer to your promotion? For example you might use the term “Webinar”.
This term is then used throughout the promotions. By default, Contentware adjusts the case sensitivity of the term depending on its position in the content. For example if the term begins a sentence, we capitalize it:
Webinar tomorrow: Don't miss out
If the term is in the middle of a sentence, we use lower case:
Don't miss tomorrow's webinar
If you do NOT want Contentware to adjust the case sensitivity of your term, use the configure case sensitivity option. 
  • Go to my account --> Settings --> Configure Case Sensitivity --> Check to Turn on --> Update Settings

Once enabled, Contentware will NOT adjust the case sensitivity of your term in ANY of the content, regardless of the position of the term in a sentence.
For example if your term is “WEBINAR”, the resulting content would be:
WEBINAR tomorrow: Don't miss out
Don't miss tomorrow's WEBINAR