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Configurations: Integrations, Preferred Post Times, Branding for HTML Exports, Notifications

Take 5 minutes to learn about these powerful features and settings that will save you time and produce better results

Set Your Preferred Send/Post Times

Many organizations have preferred times for distributing their content. If that’s you, it’s important to set those times at the start so you don’t waste time rescheduling content.  With these account settings, Contentware will generate campaigns scheduled at the times you want.  Go to: My Account>Settings>Campaign Preferences.  


Configure Your Email and Social Media Integrations

Read this article dedicated specifically to configuring your integrations to Contentware.

Choose (or Not) Default Layouts

Every Contentware campaign features content that is diversified.  This is achieved mainly via the "change layout" feature.  Contentware offers a variety of layouts for both email and social media.  

  Email Layouts Social Posts Layouts Social Ads Layouts
Live Events 8 6 3
Record Events and Lead Gen 6 4 3

If you prefer a certain layout, you can set it as a default.  
Go to: My Account>Settings>Default Layouts

Select the Font Styles for Your Emails.

One way Contentware helps you generate brand-consistent content is a by providing a tool for selecting the font styles that will be used in the campaign emails.  This is an account-wide setting. Go to: My Account>Settings>Configure HTML


Set Preferences for Notifications of Failed/Successful Posts

For a variety of reasons, social media content may fail to post.  Contentware can notify you if it's notifications feature is enabled.  You be notified when a post fails, and/or when a post is successful.  Also, you can set the frequency with which Contentware checks your social media accounts for failed/successful posts. Go to: My Account>Settings>Configure Notifications


Adding New Users to Your Account

To add a new user to your account, Go to: My Account>Settings>Account and Billing Information.  The bottom of the page is where you'll find the functionality to add new users.  Once you create a new user, they will receive an email to set their password, and a second email with getting started instructions.  They'll have 24 hours to create their password.

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