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Learn everything you need to know to launch your first campaign in Contentware

Welcome to Contentware, the app that automates event marketing.  In this post, we guide you through the workflow for  auto-generating you first Contentware campaign.  Once you have it down, minutes is all it will take to create agency-quality event marketing campaigns. 

This post is divided into two parts:  creating campaigns, and managing campaigns. 

1. Creating Campaigns

For the first 5 steps of Contentware's workflow, you'll be adding, reviewing, editing information about your event that will be used to create the campaign's promotions.

After logging in, you'll see a blank home page.  Click "Campaigns" in the upper right corner, and on the next page, click "new campaign" in the upper left corner.

Campaign Details Page


Start the campaign creation process by inputting details about the event.   

  • Event page URL - Add the URL of your event registration page, and it should render in the right hand panel.   Contentware extracts text from the page and uses it to create promotions.  

What if my registration page doesn't render in the right panel? Despite our best efforts, certain security measures prevent some web pages from rendering in Contentware.  Don't worry we can still create your campaign.  Be sure to click "no" to the question at the very bottom of the page, "Do you see your event page in the box to the right?".

  • Event Title - Add the title of your event.
  • Keywords - Input search terms describing your event. This helps Contentware “understand” your event so it can select the best images and messaging.  
  • Description - Select an event description from the drop down menu.  Your choice will appear in the campaign's promotions (e.g. "Attend our webinar", "Attend our online event", "Attend our seminar").
  • Event Start Date - Add the date your event begins.
  • Hashtags - Add a hashtag and it's strategically placed it in the campaign's promotions. You may have multiple hashtags, separated by a comma.
  • Do you want to include speakers? - Check this box if you want to include speaker (s) information in the campaign content.
  • Marketing Velocity - The number of promotions and the distribution frequency in a campaign.  The default is Standard.  Select Aggressive for a campaign with more content, and select Lite for a campaign with fewer promotions.
  • Campaign Start Date - Contentware adds what it considers the optimal start date as the default.  You may override this setting.
  • Do you see your event page in the box to the right? - select yes or no.

Campaign Summary Page


On this page, you'll review and edit an event summary that's been extracted from your registration page.  The text in the editing box will be used in campaign emails and card-type social media posts.  Also, our AI uses it to generate additional campaign content. 

You have full control to make any changes. 

What if editing box is empty?  This means our AI was unable to extract text from your landing page and place it there.  No problem.  Simply copy a 2-3 sentence event description from your registration page, and paste it into the editing box.  For copy/paste purposes, you also have access to a text version of your registration page under the Formatted View tab at the top of the right panel.

Campaign Content Page

content page

Next, Contentware uses AI and text from your registration to generate "content items" that will be used in campaign social posts, email headlines and subject lines.  These items are fully editable. 

Don't worry about phrases and incomplete sentences.  We take care of that later.  Focus on the item's relevance, and whether or not you'd like to see it in your campaign.  If you do not want a content item, delete it, otherwise it will use to create additional content.

Campaign Bullet Point List 


Many event pages contain a bulleted list describing the benefits of attending.  If your page has one, it's been extracted and added to the editing box.  If not, Contentware has generated one for you.  This list will appear verbatim in campaign emails.  Individual bullets will appear in emails and social posts.  The text is fully editable.

Select Image and Generate the Campaign


The last step in the creation process is choosing a feature campaign image.  The default image was selected by Contentware's AI.  But you may also scroll and select a new image, choose an abstract image, or upload your own image (width and length >1400 pixels).  Contentware's images are provided via our partnership with Shutterstock, and are fully licensed for use in your campaign.

OK.  All of the elements needed to create a campaign are now in place.  When you’re ready, click the “Generate Content” button at the bottom of the page, and the campaign will be generated.

2. Campaign Management

The second half of this post is about managing, editing, approving, and distributing the campaign's promotions.  Keep these contextual points in mind: 

  • Every promotion must be approved manually.  This is done to ensure the content is exactly how you want it.  The calendar you're about to see is populated with a recommended distribution schedule.  But because nothing has been approved, nothing will be distributed.    Approval is a quick and easy process.
  • Promotions are distributed either via integrations, or a simple download and transfer process.   
    • Integrations: Contentware currently integrates with LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.  Contentware distributes promotions for these integrated channels automatically, or   
    • Download and transfer: Promotions for non-integrated channels (email, Instagram) are downloaded into a .csv file (Excel or Google Sheets), which contains all of the promotions' assets - including the full HTML - for copy/pasting into your email or Instagram platforms.


Calendar 1

Once the campaign is generated, each promotion is displayed as a label on a campaign calendar. 

In the far upper right corner, you can see a color-coded tally of the amount of content included in your campaign. 

Select a promotion's label and the actual promotion will display in editor in the right panel.  You can also access individual promotions by selecting the back and forth arrows at the top of the editor, which moves the promotions in chronological order.

The Editor Toolbar 


Contentware's editor offers a variety of options: 

  • Back and forth arrows  - Toggle through your promotions, chronologically. 
  • Edit - Edit the text in any section (see more below).
  • Add -  Add an new promotion to the campaign schedule.  
  • Clone - Clone and schedule an existing promotion.
  • Reschedule - Reschedule an existing promotion.
  • Change layout -  Scroll through different layout options for a promotion.
  • Download - Download the promotion into an Excel file or Google sheet. 

Editing Text in a Promotion

You have full control to edit the text of any promotion.  Click the “Edit” link in the toolbar and a set of smaller edit icons will appear next to each section that is editable.


Click the section you want to edit and a text box will open with more editing options at the top.


You can make your own edits to the content, and/or:  

  • New Content - Forward and back arrows let you scroll through new blocs of written content to replace the content in the text box.  It could be a new idea, or the same idea written a little differently.
  • Original - Revert back to the original piece of content that Contentware generated
  • Save - you can make any edits to the text you wish.  Once completed click the Save icon.

Filtered Views 
Contentware let's you can see "filtered" views of your calendar.  Filters exists for channels (email, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram) and content status (All, Draft, Approved, and Published).  Click the "Filter" icon on the left side toolbar, and select the items you want to appear on the calendar. 


As mentioned above, Contentware provides a feature to review and approve each promotion.  There are two types of approvals:

  • Approve & Schedule (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, if integration is active)

When approving promotions for integrated marketing channels, you'll see an "Approve & Schedule" link in the upper right corner of the editor.  To approve a promotion, click the link and it will be published to your social media channel at the displayed date and time, automatically.

To see a list of ALL scheduled promotions, click the "Scheduled Promos" link

Screen Shot 2021-11-29 at 3.50.18 PM

  • Approved for Export (Email, Instagram, other social channels if integration is not active).

With promotions for marketing channels that are NOT integrated with Contentware, you'll see an "Approve for Export" link.  To approve a promotion, click the link and it will be added to the Promo for Exports list. 

Use the check boxes to select the promotions you wish to export and then click "Download" at the bottom of the screen. 



Contentware's download file is designed to make transferring content easy.  It contains everything your team needs to populate the promotions into your marketing platforms.  The download looks like this:


The elements include:

  • Date/Time - Scheduled distribution time for the promotion
  • Channel - The promotion's marketing channel 
  • Image - A link to the image, perfectly sized for the marketing channel
  • Image with Text - A link to the image with the title overlay.
  • Preheader text - Text email recipients see in their inboxes that follow an email's subject line.
  • HTML - The full HTML, which you copy-paste into your email and social media platforms
  • CSS Link - The CSS for the email.
  • Social Media Standard Post Top Text - The text that goes above a standard social media post.
  • Social Media Card - Text Above Image - The text the goes above the image of a card-type social media post.
  • Social Media Card - Text Below Image - The text the goes below the image of a card-type social media post.