How Does Contentware Use Artificial Intelligence?

Contentware uses AI in a number of different ways throughout the application.

  • Content Identification:  Contentware uses custom built Natural Language Processing algorithms to identify content on your landing page that is suitable/optimized to be used in digital marketing promotions
  • Content Generation: Contentware uses AI to generate individual pieces of content that are used throughout the campaign.
  • Content transformation: Contentware use AI to “transform” certain content into more suitable marketing language (Examples include: transforming bullet points into question format, “wrapping” bullet point information into contextual syntactically suitable marketing prose, etc)
  • Content Ranking: Contentware uses custom build algorithms to rank and select optimized content for each promotion (examples include ranking Call to Actions phrases, ranking content within webinar introduction paragraphs, etc.)
  • Image Selection: Contentware uses AI to better select visually appropriate images for campaigns
  • Image Transformation: Contentware uses sophisticated computer vision for “Content-aware" image cropping