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Mailchimp Integration


Configure Integration in Contentware

  • You start in Contentware.  Click Integrations link in the upper right corner, and select "connect" for the Mailchimp integration.
  • Input the username and password to the Mailchimp account you want associated with Contentware.
  • Next, select "Configure Connection".  A pop-in will appear, select "email" and "submit".


Create a Mailchimp Template

  • Now, we need to make a 1 time template in Mailchimp.  In Mailchimp, under Campaigns on the left navigation menu, choose Email templates and click Create Template.
  • Click "Code Your Own" in the upper navigation bar
  • Select "Paste in Code".
  • Delete all of the content in the Edit Code editor on the right side of the page

  • Copy the code from this file and paste into the Edit Code editor.  Then click "Save and Exit" at the bottom in the far right corner.


  • Click Save and Exit, and you will be asked to give the template a name.  Do that, click submit, and you're done. 

Approve and Transfer into Mailchimp

Once the Mailchimp integration is configured, an "Approve and send to Mailchimp" link will appear in the campaign's emails. 

mc in cw

Click the link, and you're asked to associate a Mailchimp template with the message.  Select the a template, click submit, and the message is pushed into Mailchimp in the "All Campaigns" section.